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Kathryn has an awkward encounter now that she's a Senator's wife. 

Bay worries about Ty after he cleans out his friend's room.

Daphne is not invited to Jace's 4th of July paty.

Emmett's dad has decided to get a cochlear implant.

Emmett argues with everyone about cochlear implants.

Daphne crashes Jace's party.

Daphne gets angry at Jace because he's a blogger.

Marybeth loses her brother's dog tags playing miniature golf.

Regina takes no chances with her job.

Regina worries about Angelo's finances.

Regina and John have a ground-breaking argument.

Bay asks if Ty still likes her.

Bay and Ty kiss.

John drops to the ground.

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Emmett: Suddenly being deaf isn't good enough for you?
Travis: Come on, Dude. That's so old school.

I can't believe you went to a deaf school. That is so you.