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An intoxicated Regina turns up on Angelo's doorstep.

The Carlton students are forcibly dragged out of the school and arrested.

Nikki tells Toby she'll be going on a mission for six months.

Toby and Nikki get engaged.

Regina lies to Daphne about her drinking.

The protest backfires.

Zane backs away from Regina.

Noah breaks up with Bay after admitting a connection to Daphne.

John's opponent withdraws from the race.

Lana goes into Labor and Bay takes her to the hospital while Angelo cares for Regina.

Angelo arranges for Regina to go to rehab in Minnesota.

Lana asks Bay if Angelo is a good father.

Toby gets accepted to Wash U., but he's picking out engagement rings with Nikki.

Lana takes the baby and leaves.


Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

No. I'm just saying that not sleeping with your girlfriend until you're married is one way to find yourself engaged.


Daphne: We didn't take over the school so that a hearing person could talk for us.
Bay: No. You took it over so that people like me could never go there again.