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Angelo and Regina take another look at their relationship when living arrangements become rearranged. 

Senator Cato continues to threaten Daphne.

Bay moves home when Angelo gets his baby.

Bay asks John about helping Ty and it doesn't go over well.

Daphne decides to throw Nikki a bachelorette party.

Nikki's mother, Genise, wants to throw a fairy tale wedding for Nikki.

Travis is afraid to kiss Marybeth, and Marybeth is worried Travis isn't kissing her.

Nikki gets drunk at the party.

Toby needs a new best man, asks Emmett and discovers Emmett doesn't support his marriage.

Simone calls Toby to tell him he has chlamydia, which he then shares with Emmett, since they shared Simone.

Toby decides to have the chlamydia test before his bachelor party, making Travis stall the stripper.

Daphne tells Nikki she and Jace blackmailed Coto.

John goes to see Ty and they talk about disappointing Bay.

Maybeth is angry with Bay for asking her father to get involved with Ty's deployment.

Nikki calls Coto and tells him off in a message.

After spending their first day with the new baby, Regina and Angelo succumb to other pleasures.

Genise and Katherine agree that Nikki and Toby shouldn't be married.

Travis found Marybeth's brother's dog tags and returns them to her, when they share a special kiss.

John can't pull strings to get Ty restationed.

The janitor that helped Nikki and Daphne erase a phone message shows him video of them in his office.


Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Daphne: Is she having a bachelorette party?
Toby: Uh, I don't think so.
Daphne: She is now.
Bay: She is? Oh no. I mean, do churchy people even go in for bachelorette parties?
Daphne: C'mon, we don't have to have a penis pinata, but we can still have some fun!

I'm not sure it's even ethical for me to get involved, and what about all the soldiers who aren't dating senator's daughters? Somebody's got to go.