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Toby gets a surprise visit from Nikki. 

Bay and Daphne prepare for an intense field hockey game. 

Regina gets a bonus -- a new car. Then she's asked to be the bearer of sales news to the people who own the local shops.

Jorge asks Daphne to go rock climbing, and Campbell invites himself until he realizes he can't participate.

Toby learns there's a scholarship for field hockey and wants to get Sharee involved.

Bay goes to see Tank to apologize and thinks they can both use a distraction from their uncertain futures. She asks him to help her retaliate against the school prank that Toby just promised he wouldn't let happen.

Daphne finds out that being with Campbell isn't as easy as she thought.

Nikki tells Toby she was offered a job in Africa. 

Bay and Tank deface a Carlton statue and are almost caught by security.

When they start to make out, Bay tells Tank she doesn't think she wants to and Tank wonders what's wrong. Bay leaves.

Bay tells Regina she put the breaks on sex because she doesn't want to have it again until she knows what it means to her and she doesn't know if Tank will ever be the guy she wants him to be.

Wes gets far more than he paid for in Regina and then makes her feel poorly for not having mockups completed before going to see the field hockey game.

Daphne is angry that people are getting away with things everywhere she looks.

Regina asks John about the deal she's getting people to sign.

Bay's good deed for Emmett turns up some disturbing information.

Daphne was worried all along how things would work in a sexual situation.

Nikki asks Toby to choose between coming with her or letting go of their marriage. 

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

If it's too soon for you to wait for the next step, it's OK. I'll wait.


Daphne, I don't expect you to get everything right just because you're deaf!