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As they graduate high school, Bay's parents are worried about her plans for the future while Daphne is concerned her past mistakes will follow her. 

Carlton is closing. Forever.

Wes decides not to reveal Daphne was involved with the vandalism. He then kisses Regina. Regina wants to keep it professional.

Daphne talks to Melody about the local Gallaudet and letting go of Carlton.

When Regina and Daphne go to tell Kathryn and John about Wes' decision, they discover the police are there to arrest Daphne. It comes down to this: No matter what the family does, she will spend time behind bars.

Regina immediately blames Wes, who seems to genuinely have no idea about the charges.

Daphne wants to take the plea deal and enjoy the time she has left with her family and her graduation.

Bay goes to Regina about moving to California.

Daphne reveals a lot about her relationship with Emmett during her graduation speech.

Travis' mother shows up at graduation and signs to her son that she is so proud of him.

Sharee sings "Stand By Me" with Natalie signing and of course, I'm crying.

Daphne decides to go to the police station after graduation to turn herself in. Bay decides to go with her because she's not doing it alone.

Toby's ex wife (whose name I have forgotten) wants an annulment and he and Lily decide to go a step further.

Wes asks Regina to go to Hawaii with him. He will get her her own place. He wants to work with her without the angry locals and give her a chance to move on with her own life.

John cries over what is happening with Daphne.

Daphne decides not to bring her attorney into the station. Bay then takes the blame for Daphne.


Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

We fight and then we bonk. That is our union. Fully stated.


Bay: I'm trying to have an adult conversation about this.
John: Following your boyfriend across the country is a puppy-dog move.