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Daphne thinks about taking on premed at college. 

Bay begins to deal with the limitations of her injury. 

John has a plan to get Kathryn back.

During dance class Kathryn imagines herself the star of a Broadway play.

Tank is learning how to dance so the pledges can serenade the sororities.

Daphne gets a standing ovation when she arrives at work. She asks Jose for more responsibilities and he calls her out for being the one who invites in a violent woman who put Dr. Jackson in danger.

Travis learns about the guy who asked Mary Beth to the dance and wants to kick his ass.

Mary Beth is surprised to learn Travis would want to attend her Campus formal.

Ledarsky doesn't give Bay any leeway for her snapped tendon.

Angelo attempts to teach Travis to dance.

John's idea of wooing Kathryn was to buy her a bracelet -- one she already received from him as a gift for Christmas four years earlier.

John blames Renzo for the breakup of his marriage.

Emmett takes Bay to a nightclub a man built for his wife to remind her of her life as she began to lose a lifetime's worth of memories. Bay imagines her and Emmett dancing there.

Travis tells Mary Beth he lied and cannot dance, but he didn't want her to think she was missing out on things with him even though she would be. She told him he was wrong and told him to hold her and sway.

Dapnhe has a nightmare and she's a doctor, dancing too fast to keep up.

Bay makes art that doesn't fit the requirements of the project, but Ledarsky is impressed that she succeeded despite her injury.

After John's epiphany, Toby is excited to have the apartment to himself and goes all Tom Cruise.

Daphne Visits Dr. Jackson in the hospital and he encourages her to consider medicine despite her lack of hearing.

Angelo throws a family dinner and everyone starts banging their utensils and break out into a dance.


Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

You will yell, scream, point fingers, anything so you don't have to change. Not one bit.


I like your spirit Kennish.