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The Carlton school opens its doors to the hearing but not everyone is happy to be there as Switched at Birth returns for its third season. 

First day of senior year and Daphne’s first day of community service.

Bay doesn't tell her family that she and Ty have broken up.

The new student at Carlton aren’t the caliber of students the school is used to.

There isn't a good art class at Carlton and Melody gives Bay a college elective permission slip.

Regina and Angelo are having a relationship, but she’s making him wait a year to move in together.

Kathryn is seeing a psychiatrist and he gives her a prescription instead of actually listening to her.

Daphne finds out that Carlton is the dumping ground for all the students all the other schools didn't want.

Kathryn takes a tap class.

Daphne’s first day at community service is marred when her tire is slashed.

Regina’s boss is moving to England and selling her business.

John is angry about the new students at Carlton, but the moms want to let the dust settle.

Regina figures out that Bay and Ty broke up, but Bay doesn't share the truth with her.

Bay tells Regina to buy the business.

Daphne thinks John will send her out of the house and that their relationship is over.

Toby tells Daphne to remind John how wonderful their relationship once was.

Kathryn is enjoying time with her new friend, Renzo. Angelo’s business partner has given her portion of the restaurant to her daughter to run, and she’s spending too much money. Although she tells Angelo she could buy him out, she’s still asking him for checks.

Bay sees her friend Mary Beth at a college party and asks about Ty. Mary Beth almost tells her about Ty, but stops.

When Regina asks Angelo about buying the company, Angelo freaks out, but Regina doesn't know it’s about the financial situation instead of her.

Bay gets drunk at the kegger and her new college friend, Miles, saves her from making a mistake.

Toby offers his services to Daphne as a field hockey coach for Carlton.

Angelo apologizes to Regina and tells her he can’t think of a better way to spend money than investing in her future.

Kathryn wants to skip John’s fundraiser, and lies to him about the reason.


Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Daphne: I just missed my bus.
Campbell: Would you like a ride?
Daphne: Like, on your lap?
Campbell: In my Camaro.

I just wanted to say peace. I’m sure it’s weird being at a school with a bunch of deaf kids, but we’re just like everyone else. You just have to face us and enunciate.