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Bay thinks that Tank may have feelings for her. 

John decides to stay home and help Toby move instead of going to Nashville. Nikki's mom helps them move in, too.

Kathryn heads to New York to pitch her second book. 

Jenise tells John that Nikki might not be coming home any time soon as they've asked her to extend her stay.

Bay talks to the Pratt admissions officer for her school about filling out her application and he's most impressed with her so-called athletics.

Renzo and Kathryn meet with his friend at Endicott Publishing but her friend doesn't seem to be interesting in her as much as catching up with friends. It's because she doesn't like ideas being pushed on her. As it turns out, she just bought the same idea from someone else.

Toby doesn't initially want to help Bay when she asks to return to the lacrosse team.

Tank helps Bay prepare for her big debut as goalie.

Sheree is MIA after she borrows Daphne's car.

Bay does really well in the lacrosse game and Tank and his boys lift her above his shoulders. She still brushes him off with by dodging BBQ and suggesting pizza at Toby's for everybody.

Kathryn gets hit on at a bar in NYC... by a woman.

Toby tells Bay what's going on with Nikki as he waits for her to return his call.

Kathryn tells baseball wives stories about what happened on the road, and that's the book the publisher wants to buy.

Daphne and Regina check in on Sheree and her mother seems a little off. She's a cat lover and the place is more suited for cats than people. 

Renzo's publisher gets on the phone to talk about Nine Innings of Grey before Kathryn even said yes.

It seems Sharee's mother is bipolar and that's why her boyfriend left. He couldn't take the mood swings.

Right after Bay gives Tank the friend speech, she trips and falls flat on her face severely cutting her hand. 

Jenise and John drink too much and reminisce about old days. John tells Jenise that he was kicked off the Republican Party plane and that's why he didn't go to Nashville. Regina comes home and catches Jenise kissing John. 

Regina is worried about Sharee and tells Bay that she needs help. Daphne doesn't want to get in the middle of it, but Regina admits that Bay not minding her own business saved her life.

John talks to Kathryn on the phone and as she's getting ready to tell him about the book idea, Toby calls about Bay's fall. Dad's on the way, but Tank is at her side.


Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Tank: You are a mattress!
Bay: I am a mattress!

Kathryn: Me and vodka... not he best idea.
Renzo: Then that means it's the best idea!