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Jorge asks Daphne to go with him to a family gathering. 

Bay finds out that Emmett is dating again. 

Emmett asks for Bay's help with an astronomy project.

John asks Kathryn to accompany him on a business trip to Tennessee and suggests they play tourists in Nashville, but she was already preparing to go to New York with Renzo to visit a publisher and pitch a new book idea. She doesn't want to join John in Nashville, and he takes it personally.

Jorge at the medical office asks Daphne for her vegan brownie recipe, and when she offers to make him a batch he invites her to a family engagement party.

Regina finds an old auditorium across the street from her cousin's house and suggests that Wes stay in town instead of going to Denver to rejuvenate a community.

Bay doesn't want to be reminded of Ty and is excited to move to New York. She's been getting emails from Ty and Emmett is chatting with a girl named Mandy he met online.

John buys himself a motorcycle, and they threw in a leather jacket, too. He got it as his answer to tap dancing and Kathryn's trip to New York.

Angelo receives a call from Christie telling him his check bounced. She's condescending and unwilling to work with him.

Bay goes to talk to Tank to talk about why she won't open the email from Ty. Tank tells her she doesn't need to sweat Emmett's online girlfriend because she's just pixels on a screen.

Daphne arrives at the party and is welcomed with open arms.

Angelo wants Regina to get the money that she gave to Whitney back and put it into the account. It was only $50k so Regina cannot understand why. Angelo explains that one third of the $5 million went to the attorney, another third to taxes, a million to the house and it's all gone. She tells him she had no idea there were in such a bad position. He wants to open the restaurant and force her to give up K&D, even though Regina thinks restaurants are a huge gamble.

Bay looks up the conversations between Emmett and Mandy online.

Regina goes to Wes and asks for the $50k. He agrees under the condition that she work for him exclusively, assuring her that he will keep her busy enough that her business not only stays afloat but succeeds.

Jorge went into nursing because his mother died of breast cancer and it was the nurses who made her life pleasant. Then his sister discovered that Daphne was the person who blackmailed the senator and made her very uncomfortable, accused her of a felony and she left. Then she gets a text from Campbell to shoot hoops.

Angelo and Regina argue over Wes and their individual business dealings.

While Bay and Emmett are at their astronomy party, Mandy texts. Bay tries to talk about it, but Emmett says they shouldn't. 

Daphne and Campbell reach the basketball court and he forces her to play in a chair. As they're playing, he starts to try to kiss her and she pulls away. He explains to Daphne that he can't just break up with his girlfriend because she stayed with him through the accident, but he really liked Daphne. Daphne tells him that doesn't work for her and leaves.

Wes calls in Regina to tell her he made an offer on the property and talks to her about rejuvenating the space and she starts to worry about what will happen to the existing shops and people who work there.

John totally trashed his new bike.and calls Travis for a ride home.

Angelo finally meets Christie and gives her a cashiers check and she treats him rudely again. She tells him the next installment is in two weeks and gets up to leave. Angelo lays into her about being rude, making assumptions based on his looks and not treating him like a partner. She sits back down and they start a normal conversation.

Bay starts talking to Emmett about Mandy and she has to admit she looked her up on the computer. He asks what he wants and Bay kisses him. He pushes her away and they argue. Eventually she knocks over his camera breaking it, and he tells her it's time to move on.

John tells Kathryn he's not running for reelection and that he feels like a midnight crisis cliche.

Bay finds a way to get photos for Emmett and apologizes for her outburst. She also promises never to bring up what happened with Simone ever again with the hope they may someday have a change again.

Jorge tells Daphne that he read her blog and he should have defended her and stood up to his sister. They share a kiss. 

Campbell tells Daphne he broke up with Gretchen.

Bay decides to delete Ty's message without reading it.

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

No, I get it. You want to fly solo. I can fly solo, too.


Angelo: I know guys like West. To him, you're just another piece of ass.
Regina: Do you know insulting that is? Do you even hear yourself? You're just jealous because he can give me what you can't. The money to fix your mistakes.