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Bay learns her dad moved out and after discovering Emmett's parents breakup started with just one kiss, she and Toby work together to get their parents to stop being at odds. Instead, their parents talk about how little they have in common while they play arcade games. After playing a game, Bay can't move her fingers. She has two lacerated tendons and her future as an artist is in jeopardy. That still doesn't mean Kathryn wants John to come home.

Daphne tries to help Sharee find her mother. Sharee is angry that Daphne called family services, but when her mother shows up at school demanding she return home to clean her room, she realizes she needs help. When Daphne thinks Sharee has nowhere else to turn, she asks the doctor who runs the clinic where she's serving her sentence for help.

When Sharee's mother arrives at the clinic, she doesn't take the conversation with Dr. Jackson very well and stabs him, leaving Daphne and him alone without help. Daphne was hoping that Sharee might be able to live with them, but Regina tells her it won't work.

Regina shares her work project with her mother who then shows up at the community meeting asking questions that might make other residents of the community shut them down. Wes is upset and tells Regina to get Adriana under control. Adriana decides that Wes is using Regina for the color of her skin, but Regina points out that she's the one who brought East Riverside to him.

Melody is upset Travis didn't make it to his Gallaudet interview, but it seems like he's not as interesting in going as she is for him to go. It all comes to a head at a dinner that Mary Beth attends at their home when Travis accuses Melody of caring too much. Mary Beth asserts that Travis probably doesn't want to leave the first real home he's ever had.



Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Melody: Why do you want to go to Gallaudet?
Emmett: Because all the girls are good with their hands?

You got everything, or you need some help carrying in your soap box?