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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 20, John and Kathryn confront Regina about Eric and they demand that she do something now before they call the cops. Regina tells Eric he needs to let go of his hate of Hope, go back to Atlanta with her and co-parent Eric with her because Eric's happiness should come first. At first Eric is reluctant but Regina eventually convinces him he must do what's best for his child. When Eric is getting ready to leave for Atlanta, Will comes back to the guest house and tells Eric he doesn't want to go back with Hope and this gives Eric the idea to run again. Regina tries to convince Eric to stop running, but he feels like taking Will away from Hope is the best thing he can do for him.

Meanwhile, Daphne is trying to get an internship to go to China to help kids who are deaf. She thinks she's going to be interviewing with Gabe and is surprised to learn Quinn is the one doing the interviews and deciding who goes to China. Quinn offers Daphne the job and she quickly accepts the offers, but makes sure to let Quinn know that nothing will happen between them because she has a boyfriend. Daphne goes back to her dorm and lets Mingo know about Quinn offering her the job and Mingo immediately thinks something is up, but Daphne reassures him everything is OK. At Bay's art show, Mingo and Quinn have a heated argument and Quinn takes away the internship from Daphne. Mingo convinces Daphne she doesn't need an internship to help people and she should go to China on her own. She agrees with him and Mingo thinks it would be best if they take a break during the summer since they don't know where they'll be when she gets back and she reluctantly agrees to the split.

Elsewhere with Bay, she finds out Travis is the one who paid for her spot at the art gallery and she angrily confronts him, but is shocked to learn he is in love with her. Travis pours his heart out to Bay, but she tries to bring other people into the mix and doesn't want to hurt others by them getting together. Travis tells Bay she needs to focus on his happiness and not worry about what other people think and he finally kisses her. Bay is, understandably, shocked by this declaration of love and has a heart to heart with Emmett who showed up for her art show. Emmett finally lets Bay go and tells her she deserves to be happy and they part as friends. 

Later at the hospital, Lily and Toby welcome a new baby boy into the world and Daphne invites Bay along with her to China and Bay is quickly on board. In a shocking turn of events, the series jumps ten months later, and the girls are still in China with Bay working at a tattoo parlor and Daphne helping out deaf children. Bay gets an ominous phone call from home and runs through the streets of Beijing to tell Daphne they have to go home right away. 

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