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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 8, Bay is counting down the days of her community service, but when she saves one of the officers from choking on a piece of candy her community service is reduced and she is given a clean slate. Bay doesn't know what she wants to do, but feels like it is time to fall back into art while she gives Emmett time to cool off.

Bay goes to the art gallery that originally denied her submission due to her being a felon. While at the gallery the director of the gallery tells Bay while they aren't able to offer her a job or feature her artwork, she needs to create art and do what she wants to do. When Bay goes to talk to Tess she gets a brilliant idea of what kind of artwork she can create which will make a difference; benches which depict the heroes all around us including Tess who is a single mother of a son who has a heart condition. 

Meanwhile, Mingo finally asks Daphne out on a date but he blows her off. Daphne gets advice from Vimla who tells her she needs to have fun with Mingo and not put any effort into a relationship with him. Daphne tries Vimla's method, but realizes she wants a relationship and Mingo is not relationship material.

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