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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 13, Toby finally tells his family about Lily's pregnancy and John doesn't take it well. John is furious that Toby would even think about keeping the baby considering Toby doesn't have a steady job and he expects the family to constantly bail him out. Kathryn is there is smooth things out and, after finding out about the finances, gets John on board with whatever decision Toby and Lily make regarding the pregnancy. 

Bay helped Toby come to his own decision by visiting a school for children with down syndrome. At the school, Toby meets a father who voices Toby's own concerns, but he also assures him it is extremely rewarding raising a child with down syndrome. Toby is finally feeling good about things, but Bay wants him to see the negative side as well, but a teacher at the school tells Toby straight out that raising a child in general is going to be difficult, but it will be worth it as well. 

Toby invites Lily over to his apartment and they come to the decision to keep the baby, but the hard part is going to be telling their families. Thankfully John and Bay are on board with the baby news and, along with Kathryn, are willing to help out any way they can.

Meanwhile, Regina went to track down Eric's ex Hope in Atlanta and finds out she has been going to NA meetings.Regina is convinced things are better with Hope, but she soon finds out it's all a lie and Hope, along with her husband, use the NA meetings to sell drugs to recovering addicts. 

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