On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 16, Daphne invites Mingo and his family over for dinner, but things quickly turn sour when Mingo's parents arrive.

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When you watch Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 16 online you'll see the different kinds of relationships people have. Bay is determined to get over Emmett and tries to move on with her romantic life by going out on a date with Travis's friend Garrett. Things go well until they get to the restaurant and their waiter turns out to be Tank. Tank quickly excuses himself from being their waiter and gets someone else to take his place, but Bay doesn't let him go easily. She runs after him and the two have a conversation about everything that has happened to them and end up apologizing to one another. It's clear Tank's life has changed for the worst and Bay tries to find some way to fix it and goes to Regina for help, but Regina tells her she needs to let things go. Bay eventually takes Regina's advice and tries to move on by going on an impromptu date with Garrett. Meanwhile, Daphne invites Mingo and his parents over to the Kennish house for dinner, but things take a turn for the worse when Mingo's father turns out to be Larry, the business manager who put John in the financial hardships he's currently dealing with. Mingo and Daphne realize right away the men hate each other and they try to come up with something to get them to at least be civil to one another but nothing works. Larry and John being to fight and it's quickly revealed John knew he was cheating on his finances and he deserves to take at least half of the blame. John tells Kathryn he doesn't want Larry or Mingo back inside his house, but Kathryn puts her foot down and tells John he needs to come to terms with the things he did and he has not right to keep Mingo away from Daphne. Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch Switched at Birth online now via TV Fanatic and catch up on the entire season.

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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 16, Bay has a surprising encounter while Mingo and Daphne get their parents together for introductions.

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Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Kathryn: How were we supposed to know? It's not like we run background checks on all her boyfriends.
John: Well, we have to start.

Do you think it's OK that I brought wine? I didn't want to come empty handed, but I don't want your parents to think I'm a booze hound or something.