On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 12, Bay enrolls in a class at UMKC, but her past quickly comes back to haunt her. Lily tells Toby about the pregnancy.

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When you watch Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 12 online you'll see how the past can come back and haunt you. When Bay enrolls in a Spanish class at UMKC she tries to move on with her life and look towards her future, but the students at the school find out who she is and the stimga of what happened to her hovers over her. Bay decides she no longer wants to attend the school because she can't handle all of the whispers and is convinced everyone is talking about her. She tries to convince Regina to teach her Spanish, but Regina is too busy with work to be able to teach her everything she knows. Bay eventually confides in Kathryn about what is going on in school and she tells Bay she needs to hold her head up high and ignore the gossip around her. Meanwhile, Travis reveals to Bay he knows exactly what she is going through because he was sexually assaulted at the age of twelve by a close family friend and never told anyone about what happened to him. Bay eventually realizes she needs to move on with her life and decides to continue her education. Lily finally tells Toby about the pregnancy and he reacts to it badly. After talking with Daphne, who accidentally reveals the baby has down syndrome, Toby is able to talk to Lily as an adult and they discuss what they want to do about the pregnany. In the end, they still haven't made a decision. Don't feel bad if you missed out. You can watch Switched at Birth online via TV Fanatic anytime.

Episode Details

On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 12, Bay finds that everyone at UMKC remembers her as the girl from the assault when she enrolls in a class.

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Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Lily: [at Toby's apartment] We need to talk.
Toby: I don't have anything to say. [Lily walks past Toby into his apartment] Made it pretty clear you think you're too good for me.
Lily: I'm pregnant.
Toby: Are you sure?
Lily: Of course I'm sure. Do you think I'm making this up?
Toby: Well, is it mine?
Lily: Yes it's yours.
Toby: How is that such a terrible thing to ask? You said you were into somebody else!
Lily: I said I was confused. I also said that nothing happened with him. I was faithful to you, I was honest with you all along. I didn't do anything wrong.

Mingo: [after hearing about what's going on with Toby] Wow that's so heavy.
Daphne: Yeah, it's a lot.
Mingo: Happened to my aunt and uncle too, but um, you know.
Daphne: Well that's what most people do these days.
Mingo: Yeah. It makes sense.
Daphne: I don't think that's the obvious thing to do. Is that what you're saying?
Mingo: I am saying, that kid would have a really hard life. I think we can agree on that.
Daphne: No.
Mingo: You're not willing to admit that a family with a down syndrome kid would have a tougher life than other families?
Daphne: I think it requires more adjustments. Maybe even sacrifice, but I am sure that they have as much love and affection and happiness as any other family.
Mingo: OK.
Daphne: Do you think that my life is harder than a hearing person?
Mingo: Well, yeah.
Daphne: But you're wrong, it isn't.
Mingo: You said yourself that's maybe why you got a D in chemistry.
Daphne: I was just having a moment of weakness.
Mingo: Daphne, of course it is harder. I mean you can't hear music.
Daphne: Of course I can, in my own way.
Mingo: You can't go places where it's dark because you have to read lips.
Daphne: So I go where it's light or go with people who can sign.
Mingo: But it's harder.
Daphne: No, it isn't!