On the Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 10 spring finale, Bay and Emmett make a decision about their future. Daphne worries about letting her family down.

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When you watch Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 10 online you'll see how far someone will go to keep their relationship alive. Bay surprises Emmett in California on his film set as a last ditch effort to try to mend their relationship. Emmett doesn't want her on the set because she is a distraction and he doesn't want her to see how the film ends. He sends her back to his place and when he goes to check on her she gives him a gift; a director's chair. Bay tries to convince Emmett to let her go to his night shoot, but he tells her it will be boring and she should check out the sights. As Bay is talking to someone on the phone she tries to find a pen and she instead finds Emmett's screenplay and reads the ending which includes what happened between Tank and Bay. Bay is furious and goes to confront Emmett on the set and they have it out. She tries to convince them they can work on their relationship, but Emmett doesn't think they should constantly have to work on their relationship and that it should just work. Emmett suggests they could possibly get back together after he's done with school, but Bay tells him if it's the end, it's the end and they won't get back together. Bay and Emmett decide to part ways. Meanwhile, Daphne gets a D as her final grade and is distraught. Travis, Natalie and Iris try to cheer her up and come up with ideas about majors she could transfer too, but nothing is working. The group suggests going to get something to get but Daphne decides to stay behind. While Daphne is walking across campus Mingo sees her and tries to get her to join the fun, but she wants to be alone. Mingo hears about a group of deaf kids, Natalie and Travis, getting hit by a car and tells Daphne about it and they rush to the hospital. At the hospital Daphne finds out Travis is fine, but Natalie hasn't been provided with an interpreter which angers Daphne as Natalie would have easily been given pain meds which she was allergic to. Later Daphne confides in Mingo about not knowing what she is going to do now that she got a D in her class. Mingo provides her with the encouragement she needs and she decides to continue to go after her medical degree.

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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 10, Bay and Emmett make a decision about their future. Daphne worries about failing Bay and her family.

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Switched at Birth
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