James Delaney Takes Aim - Taboo Season 1 Episode 3
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The body of the assassin washes up on shore, and Winter takes his silver tooth.

Delaney gets stitched up by Dumbarton, the American spy.

Delaney tells Dumbarton that he will give up Nootka Sound for a monopoly of the tea trade in China.

Coop and The Prince Regent discuss the Delaney situation. The Prince suggest that Coop negotiate with Delaney.

Atticus brings Delaney guns and supplies.

Delaney drafts a will that in the event of his death Nootka Sound will go to the United States, essentially thwarting Strange's plans.

Delaney searches the basement for the Nootka deed, and talks to Winter about his killing of the assassin.

Delaney breaks into his mother's room and has visions of her. 

Delaney demands answers from Brace about his past.

Coop and Strange meet to discuss the Delaney situation,and agree to join forces to stop the sale of Nootka to the Americans. 

Lorna Bow performs before an unappreciative crowd.

Delaney recruits an old school friend to be a spy within East India.

Delaney exchanges letters with Zilpha about running away together.

Lorna Bow meets Delaney and discusses her part of the estate. She wants to exchange the Delaney house for her share of Nootka. 

Thorne meets with Delaney and offers to insure his ship. Delaney declines.

Delaney and Zilpha meet in a church. She kisses him, and then declares she never wants to see him again.

Delaney and Lorna discuss their next move. 

Thorne berates Zilpha about her period, and their difficulty in having children.

Lorna insists on performing despite Delaney's warnings, and she is assaulted by the Duke of Richmond. 

Delaney pleads with her to go to Paris to lay low. She refuses.

Delaney is sure that Lorna was set up by an enemy, and that she is now a target.





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Taboo Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Dumbarton: So what do you want?
Delaney: Tea.
Dumbarton: Tea?
Delaney: You tell Carlsbad that I want tea.
Dumbarton: You know, Carlsbad said that Delaney might just be crazy enough to take us all on: The King, the Company, and the free 15. Maybe she was right.
Delaney: Well, you tell Carlsbad, from me, that I will cede sovereignty of Nootka Sound to whichever nation offers me the monopoly of the trade of furs for tea, from Fort George to Canton. A monopoly. That's what I want. All the tea in China.

The British want you dead. We want you alive, so that's something, huh? You take pain like a stone. That's something you picked up in Africa, maybe.