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Delaney talks to Brace about his mother. Brace tells him that his mother tried to drown him as an infant, and that's why his father had her committed to Bedlam asylum.

Delaney visits his mother's grave at Bedlam asylum.

Winter talks to Delaney, and is scared by his behavior. 

The Chemist instructs Delaney's men in how to mix the chlorate into the gunpowder mixture, explaining how dangerous the process is.

Chichester talks to the minions of Strange about the sinking of the ship, The Influence. He tells them it was loaded illegally with slaves before it sank. 

Delaney goes into the pond. where years earlier his mother tried to drown him, and goes under the water. he has visions of her pulling him under in the present, and barely escapes. 

Lorna and Brace discuss Delaney having been missing for 2 days since his argument with Brace. Lorna is worried-Brace is not.

East India lackeys tell Strange that the cargo hold of The Influence was nailed shut, so the slaves would perish in the sinking. They also brought up that Strange has a brother who has a sugar plantation in Antigua, where the slaves were bound.

Lorna goes to Zilpha's house to ask about Delaney, but she is rebuffed by Thorne and Zilpha.

Delaney and Dumbarton arrange the gunpowder delivery for midnight.

Thorne tells Zilpha that he accepted a job in Australia. Zilpha refuses to go.

Delaney hides the powder in coffins, and labels them as cholera victims, to prevent inspection. The ruse works.

Delaney comes home after the delivery and Lorna confronts him about his disappearance. 

Zilpha, who appears to be possessed, takes a hat pin and murders her husband Thorne.

Zilpha comes to Delaney manor and tells Delaney what she's done. He arranges to dispose of the body.

Strange tells his lackeys that Delaney's farm caretaker Ibbotson told a priest where the powder factory is. 

Delaney hurries to get the remaining powder and the tools off the farm before the troops find it.

The priest finds Ibbotson dead in the confessional, his tongue cut out by Delaney.

Zilpha attend the funeral of her husband.

Delaney and Zilpha have sex, but Delaney is besieged by visions of his mother trying to drown him. He awakens from his vision to find that he is strangling Zilpha.

Delaney's ship is blown up and sunk by East India.

Delaney finds the man who didn't guard the ship and murders him, cutting out his heart.

Delaney goes to Helga's brothel to get drunk.

He goes to the docks to drink, where Winter brings him more liquor.

Delaney wakes up the next morning, and finds Winter dead near where he passed out.




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Taboo Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Delaney: Go away, Winter.
Winter: I'm not scared of you.
Delaney: What are you scared of?
Winter: Of who they say you are: The African Devil. Stop staring, you're scaring me.
Delaney: Go home to your mother.

Brace: Do you know she took you down to the river to drown you? She waded in, held you under until the bubbles stopped. She was deranged, James. That's why your father had her committed to Bedlam, to protect you. To save your life, son.
Delaney: Be very, very careful now.
Brace: She wanted you dead, James.