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Delaney and Thorne arrive at dawn for the duel.

Thorne shoots first, but Delaney is unharmed. Delaney tells Thorne that his gun wasn't loaded with a shell, because his second is in league with East India. Delaney kills Thorne's second. Delaney declines to kill Thorne.

Thorne goes home alive, much to the chagrin of Zilpha. Thorne refuses to tell her how the duel resolved.

Brace tells Delaney about the soldiers of the Crown looking for the saltpeter thieves. Delaney and Lorna discuss the saltpeter heist.

The soldiers tear apart Delaney manor, but find nothing.

Delaney stops a man who is trailing him on the way to the gunpowder factory. He wounds him severely, and tells him to warn his superiors to stop following him. 

Delaney and the chemist talk about how the gunpowder job is going. 

Lorna brings the trunk belonging to Delaney's father to the manor. 

The chemist expresses interest in Lorna, and asks Delaney if he can call on her. Delaney says no.

Delaney tells the caretaker to have Delaney's son help the chemist to make the gunpowder.

Delaney meets with his conspirators, telling them he knows that someone is contemplating betraying him, and chops off his thumb. 

Strange meets with his team, and tells them to step up their game when it comes to stopping Delaney.

Delaney has a premonition of an explosion and goes to the factory, but all is well.

Delaney searches for the Nootka treaty in his father's trunk, but burns everything else. He finds the treaty. 

Delaney cries over his mother.

Coop and the Prince Regent discuss how to pin the saltpeter theft on Strange. 

Delaney meets Dumbarton. Dumbarton demands that Delaney give the resistance blockade his gunpowder.

Delaney asks the chemist about The French Experiment, a very dangerous way to make gunpowder very quickly. Delaney forces the chemist to agree to this dangerous course of action. 

Thorne comes upon Zilpha, who was saying Delaney's name in her sleep. Thorne beats her viciously. 

Coop meets with Mr. Chichester, who has been asking for an investigation into the sinking of the slave ship The Influence. Coop has information linking Strange to the sinking, and tells Chichester that the investigation against Strange is going forward. 

Strange tells a lackey that he is being investigated, and orders a cover up.

Delaney meets with Carlsbad, discussing the gunpowder situation. 

Thorne brings in a cleric to exorcize Delaney from Zilpha. He performs a sadistic and perverted ritual on her. 

Zilpha goes to a dark place after the ritual, and considers hurting or killing Thorne, but stops herself. 





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Taboo Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Thorne: Champagne, or potatoes? Or both?
Zilpha: So how did it resolve itself? Did you both see sense?
Thorne: No. I shot him between the eyes, and a host of devils flew out of his head and down the river. In that event it would be potatoes, wouldn't it? Simple sustenance. Life goes on.
Zilpha: Before you drink anymore could you tell me what really happened?
Thorne: But in the event of a messenger coming to tell you that he had killed me, well, champagne. All the wild possibilities. In truth, neither is the case. It was void.
Zilpha: How?
Thorne: No need for anymore questions. Not when half of London will be re-telling the story, anyway.
Zilpha: So I shall hear through gossip?
Thorne: As I hear about you.

My apologies - that was an excellent shot. I can only assume that your second is a Company man, since he failed to load a ball in your pistol. It would appear that my life is more precious than yours. Good day.

Delaney [to Thorne]