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Club owner Aram hires Eddie and Sam to find his missing DJ Eric. Aram has past ties with each of them.  Sam is a fan. Eddie is not. 

After Sam gets a mysterious phone call with the code name Lavorna, Eddie tells Berto to get close to Monica to find out the details. Sam has Monica ask Berto the history between Aram and Eddie. Both assistants keep their bosses secrets.

Eddie and Sam learn the missing DJ is Aram's son and he has been kidnapped. They enlist Zeus's help to determine if Aram's enemy Oleg is the kidnapper but Aram loses his cool, and the plan goes array.

The kidnapper demands ransom money and requests Sam do the drop. Eddie protests loudly but Sam agrees. Zeus fits her with a broach camera the guys can monitor. He also spills the reason Eddie hates Aram is because Aram used to work with dirty cops. Eddie found out. He gave up the cops, but all charges against Aram were dropped, and Eddie lost his police job.

When the ransom drop leads Eddie to believe Sam's life is in danger, he runs after to save her. Her detective skills are put to use when she finds the fingerprint solving the case. Eric is found alive and rushed safely to the hospital.

Carter, Aram's club doorman, kidnapped Eric as revenge for his firefighter cousins' death in one of Aram's warehouses. He collected the money for his cousins family. Eddie convinces Aram to let Carter go with a plea about revenge and family. In the end, the two men meet at Eddie's office alluding there will be peace. 

Lavorna is pizza. Sam is hired to dress as a pizzas slice for their commercial. Eddie shows up on set to mock her.

Take Two
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Take Two Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Sam: Oh road trip! We should get some snacks.
Eddie: We do not need snacks.

Berto: I got this. I am a confident and together dude.
Monica: Hey confident and together dude, do you want to get coffee? Get to know each other a little bit better.
Berto: I a…
Monica: Cool let's go.