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The ODNI team has found out that Asha has been abducted, and that she's in a relationship with Bryan. Bryan is maintaining radio silence with the team. Christina wants to stop Bryan from going after Asha. Bryan is getting a ride from a woman belting out country ballads. Mejia makes Asha call Bryan.

Bryan threatens Mejia over the phone. Bryan confronts one of Mejia's dealers to get a lead. The FBI had been surveilling the dealer, so now the FBI and Christina knows where Bryan is. FBI Agent Martello tells Christina that they're in charge of the operation, not her.

The drug dealer lets slip that Mejia's ex-wife, who was thought dead,  is alive before Bryan shoots out the surveillance camera. Christina sends the team to El Paso to find the ex-wife first.  

The team catches up to Bryan. Christina tries to bring in Bryan, but he runs and steals a car. Mejia's plan is to draw Bryan into Mexico, where he controls everything. 

Bryan arrives at Mejia's warehouse and the shooting begins. Mejia, Asha and Elena go into a tunnel and Bryan follows. Elena stays behind and gets shot by Bryan, but the tunnel collapses. Mejia and Asha arrive in Mexico.

The team finds Bryan in the tunnel and decide to help him. FBI Agent Salt tells Becca where Bryan can get firepower in Juarez. The team infiltrates the compound. Mejia shoots his lieutenant Rodrigo, then Asha runs. Mejia catches her, and slashes her throat when Bryan finds them.so he can escape.

Bryan sends the injured Asha with John, then goes after Mejia. Bryan shoots Mejia, then the Mexican military shoots him and takes him into custody. Christina blackmails Martello to get Bryan found. Asha survives and Bryan is in a Mexican jail.

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Taken Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Country-singing woman: Hey, I hope you find her.
Bryan: I will.

Riley: All [Bryan's] going to care about is getting her back.
Christina: So we have to stop him ... for his own good.