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Rebecca is looking after goddaughter, Nora, for a a few days. It has been years since they've spent time together, and Rebecca keeps planning activities more appropriate for a little girl than a teenager.

A chance encounter with Roy and his niece, Phoebe, leads to Roy giving Rebecca advice about kids.

Rebecca asks Nora if she wants to shadow her at work, and Nora is thrilled.

Nora charms everyone from Higgins to Keeley with her insight and apptitude for the financial and marketing issues a football club faces.

The biggest issue facing Rebecca and Nora is what to do with AFC Richmond's primary sponsor, Dubai Air. Dubair Air wants Sam fired for pulling out of photo shoot due to Dubai Air's parent company causing environmental devestation in Sam's home country of Nigeria.

Rebecca holds her ground and refuses to fire Sam.

Sam, who feels the need to do more, puts duct tape the Dubai Air logo on his jersey in protest. This inspires Jamie and the rest of the team to do the same.

Seeing Jamie's sincere belief in standing up for his teamates convinces Sam and the rest of AFC Richmond to accept Jamie back onto the team. 

At a press conference, Sam accuses the Nigerian government of conference. Afterwards, the team celebrates the end of their tie streak. 



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Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Phoebe: Uncle Roy, can we have ice cream for dinner?
Roy: No, that's dumb.
Phoebe: You're right. Thank you for helping me set boundaries.

Nate: Who's "that guy"?
Beard: Led Tasso.
Nate: Who's Led Tasso?
Beard: The last resort.