Ted and Beard Toast Earl - Ted Lasso
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AFC Richmond is in a rut. They have tied seven straight games in a row. The situation only gets worse when ace-player, Dani Rojas, accidentally kills their beloved mascot, Earl the greyhound.

With Dani now in the throes of a bad case of the yips, Higgins recommends seeking out the services of a sports psychologist. 

Ted isn't so sure about this.  The mention of a pyschologist brings up painful memories of marriage counseling with his ex-wife.

Still, with Beard's encouragement, Ted puts aside his own misgivings and accepts the team needs a psychologist's help. 

So when Dr. Sharon Fieldstone comes to meet the coaching staff, Ted is ready with his "nice to meet you dance." Only Dr. Fieldstone isn't charmed. The meeting doesn't improve from there with both Ted and Dr. Fieldstone unsure of what to make of each other.

Dr. Fieldstone does prove to be as competent as she says is when she helps Dani get over the yips.

Meanwhile Rebecca is thriving in the dating pool. Things are going well with her new suitor John ______. Well enough for her to plan a double-date consisting of her, John, Keeley and Roy.

When Keeley isn't playing wing woman to Rebecca, she's trying to guide her boyfriend into doing more with his retirement than coaching his niece's football team and drinking with the women from his yoga class.

Roy does not like the idea of becoming a sports pundit, but he does have a lot to say about Rebecca's relationship with John after the double-date.

Oh, and Jamie Tartt is now a reality TV show star.



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Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

You deserve someone who makes you feel like you've been struck by lightning. Don't you dare settle for fine.


It's funny to think about the things in your life that can make you cry just knowing that they existed, can then become the same thing that make you cry knowing that they're now gone. I think those things come into our lives to help us get from one place to a better one. And I hope we helped Earl do just that.