Coaches Lasso, Beard, & Shelley  - Ted Lasso
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Jamie is voted off Lust Conquers All. It only gets worse for him when he finds out he has been fired from Man City, and no other football team wants him.

Realizing he has nowhere else to go, Jamie asks Ted if he can come back to play for Richmond. Knowing how the team feels about Jamie, Ted turns him down.

This doesn't stop social media rumors of Jamie's return from reaching the team.

Sam in particular is very upset and lashes out at Ted during training though quickly when the misunderstanding is cleared up.

Meanwhile Nate is upset with Will, the new kit man, using lavender-scented laundry problems. Beard seems unimpressed with Nate's behavior.

Ted tries and fails to bond with Dr. Fieldstone on a personal level.

He does allow her to observe training. Dr. Fieldstone evaluates the team, telling him everyone is very nice but hints changes need to made if the team wants to win.

Ted reconsiders his decision about Jamie.

Jamie receives a frosty welcome from the team when he comes to training.

Roy gives in to Keeley asking him to take a job as a sports pundit.

He cusses on camera and becomes a smashing success.


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Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Uh, easy Phillip. I'm not just a loser, I'm the loser.


Nate: We don't want calm athletes. We want killer athletes.
Beard: Even after they shower?