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Scott finds he must help an enemy while Malia and Derek track down an old ally. 

Kate is in a car, listening to a cassette about learning control to curb violence as a werewolf.

Kate wants to know who the Benefactor is and isn't afraid to kill and maim to find out.

The Beserkers are helping her.

Scott's dad apologizes for not attending his lacrosse game.

Parrish brings in Violet for questioning. They're called the orphans because none of them have any parents.

Scott finds a huge bag of cash in a locker, but tells Liam he didn't find anything.

Melissa is talking with the power company. She's three months late on the electric bill and begging them to turn the power back on. Scott just looks at his bag of money.

Liam is running with Mason and takes off like crazy, not realizing what he's doing. A car pull sup and knocks him over. It's Garrett. By the time Mason catches up, Liam is gone.

Malia hears Derek calling to her. Her teacher asks if she needs to be excused. Ah, yeah. Derek needs her to help find Brett in the woods and she knows them better than anyone else.

Stiles and Lydia show Parrish the list. He doesn't know why he's on it and he's uncomfortable giving them access to Meredith to find the third cipher key.

Garrett wants the money and Violet or Scott will never see Liam again. Liam is starring in his own personal version of The Ring.

Garrett wants Scott to keep Violet from getting to the federal facility where they're taking her. Garrett stabbed Liam with something laced with wolfsbane and once it gets to the heart, bad things happen. He stabbed him right near the heart. 

Stiles, Lydia and Parrish work their way into Meredith's room by using an old DUI charge.

When Scott gets to the car, it's already overturned and Stilinski is outside thanks to the Beserkers. Garrett is stabbed through the chest and Scott's taken down too.

Meredith is hearing messages from The Benefactor.

Deaton and Argent help Scott and he tells them it was Kate and the Beserkers. 

Meredith either doesn't know who the Benefactor is or she doesn't want to tell. She screams so loud that Lydia's ears bleed.

Scott is worried about the strength of the Beserkers, so Argent takes out his automatic weapon. Scott's good with that.

Malia and Derek stumble upon a throng of dead bodies.

Scott and Argent find Kate. Argent starts shooting and Kate and the Beserkers attack.

Malia thinks everyone should be running from Beacon Hills, as fast as they can.

Somehow, Braeden is alive in the woods amongst the dead kids.

Scott is tossed through the wall and finds dead Violet.

Kate stops the Beserkers from killing Argent.

Liam is on his own, but he concentrates on climbing out of the hole. He howls and Scott hears him.

Inspector Stiles realizes that since Banshee's predict death it's got to be someone who isn't dead yet, but will be. Lydia types out Derek's name.

Meredith hung herself.

Scott decides that nobody else will die and he and Scott decide to count the money. They discover a cassette tape at the bottom of the bag.

Peter finds Kate in the sewer and they decide to join forces.




Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Parrish: What's the number?
Stiles: That's how much your worth.
Parrish: I'm worth five dollars?
Stiles: Five million.
Parrish: But I make $40,000 a year. Maybe I should kill myself. I don't get it. Why am I on it?

Peter: I guess I still have a little werewolf strength myself.
Derek: Maybe more than a little.