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Parrish asks Argent to follow him at night so he can know what happens when he turns into a hellhound. Argent and Gerald have a plan to help Parrish meet his alter ego. He has to evolve otherwise he will never be able to defeat the beast.

Every night when the Beast transforms, it remembers more of the Man of Gévaudan. Once the man remembers everything, when the beasts shifts back to human, the teenage chimera will no longer exist. Only the man will be there.

Mason figures out that the Beast is drawn to frequency - that's how the Dread Doctors control the shift. The next place the Beast will strike is the big charity game, so the McCall pack devises a plan (and a backup plan) to shut down the game.

Gerald and Argent come up with a way to talk to the Hellhound. Lydia is able to get through to him, and she learns that Parrish is dead. Well, kind of because Lydia is able to get Parrish to remember who he is by asking the Hellhound when Parrish died. Yeah, it's a little confusing.

During the game, Kira goes full demon fox, and the Desert Wolf stops by. In the end, their plan fails. The beast arrives.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Liam: Okay, why's the hellhound going to the school?
Stiles: Because he's got a yearning for higher education.

It happens every night. I don't know when, and I don't know what triggers it, but at some point every night, I leave. When I come back, I find burned clothes and blood. If I didn't know certain things, I'd call it sleepwalking. But I'm not just wandering out the door. I'm heading out with purpose. I'm searching for something. That's why I need you to follow me. I need to know where I'm going, and what I'm doing. If people are getting hurt because of me, if I'm adding to the body count, I have to know. When I wake up at night, when it takes over, I want you to follow me. If you have to, I want you to stop me.