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Scott and Stiles have a plan. It's time to go all Ocean's Eleven and break Lydia out of Eichen. Everyone has a role to play. Kira has to cause a brownout which will the security cards to reset. Parrish drives the van that gets Stiles, Liam, and Scott into Eichen. They even time it.

Malia and Kira get the brownout going, but sadly there's no card reader down there. It takes Scott punching Liam a couple times, but they manage to knock down the door. When in doubt, get angry. 

Lydia's not happy to see Stiles because according to her, they will all die if they stay there. Lydia begs Stiles to go, and he sort of listens. He's hiding somewhere where he can overhear everything that Lydia and Dr. Valak are saying, and it's not cheery stuff. Dr. Valak seems very curious as to whether or not Scott has reunited his pack yet.

Then, Theo and his chimera gang break in, but they aren't there for Lydia - they want a hellhound. Right before things start to get interesting, Eichen goes into lockdown.

Meanwhile, Hayden and Deucalion have a lovely chat about how Theo will die if he tries to put on another Chimera's talons.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

She'll hear everything, every death, every dying scream, all at once.


Stiles: All units stay back. Do not engage. I repeat do not engage.
Sheriff: Stiles! Get off the radio!