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Lydia is helping Parrish gain control over his powers. She holds a lighter under his palm. Parrish pulls away quickly from the pain. Lydia tells him he can do better.

She instructs him not to think about the pain. Not to even look at the flame. Parrish does as instructed. Lydia burns her thumb on the lighter, but Parrish experiences no pain. His hand only has an ash mark. It's not burned.

Lydia asks Parrish what he was thinking about. He tells her about a dream. He's walking in the woods carrying a body. It's completely burned. He doesn't know who it is or was. He's carrying the body to a stump. 

Lydia explains Parrish he is carrying the body to the Nemeton. She tells Parrish he was drawn to Beacon Hills by the Nemeton. She asks him what else happens in the dream. He puts the body down on the stump, but that's it. That's the end of the dream. 

It wasn't the end of the dream. Parrish sets the body down, but then sits on the Nemeton. He and the Nemeton are completely engulfed in flames. There are several bodies, laying around him, being healed.

Donovan in jail. He's in a panic. The Dread Doctors open his cell. 

Scott, Theo and Stiles arrive at the sheriff's station. They find the the deputy and Stalinski recovering from paralyzation. Lydia is bleeding out. Stiles is frozen in shock.

Theo runs to Lydia and uses his belt as a tourniquet.  Scott asks Stiles for help with Tracy. Stiles doesn't want to leave Lydia, but she reassures him she'll be fine and asks him to help Tracy. 

They find Malia with Tracy's dead body. She swears she didn't kill Traci. Stalinski wants to make it an official crime scene, but Deaton convinces him otherwise. Scott and Deaton remove Tracy's body.

The Dread Doctors begin experimenting on Donovan. They pull out his teeth and fangs immediately grow in.

Lydia is wheeled into the hospital. She tells Mrs. Martin not to say anything about what she saw. Mrs. Martin says all she saw was a lunatic girl trying to kill everyone.

Mrs. McCall tells the group Lydia was lucky and Theo's belt saved her life. Stiles is relieved and gives Theo a grateful look, but he's still visibly distrustful of him.

Lydia counts down as she's administered anesthesia. She hallucinates the Dread Doctors.

Stiles is writing on his board. He writes Tracy's name and "Who is the Desert Wolf?" Malia erases the Desert Wolf portion.

Scott and Kira arrive at his house and kiss, but Deaton interrupts. Tracy is made of several supernatural creatures. Deaton realizes she wasn't born or bitten. She was made. She's not supernatural. Deaton is clearly shaken because the rules have changed.

Lydia wakes up in the hospital with Parrish by her side. They watch a Kung Fu movie. Lydia asks Parrish to teach her how to fight.

Scott's biology course discuss chimeras -- humans with multiple sets of DNA. Scott is visibly distracted and didn't do the reading. The instructor hands out drop forms. Scott takes one.

Stalinksi reviews the security tape with his deputy. She refuses to take time off until they catch Donovan because he threatened the Sherriff.

Theo arrives at the Dread Doctors' hideout. He reviews Donovan's file. He tells Donovan if he wants to cause the Sheriff real pain he should go after someone he loves.

The pack research chimeras at the library. They believe Tracy is not the only one and the burial site Liam found is part of "their" process (the Dread Doctors).

A kid named Corey is screaming in the ER. He has an deep wound on his forearm and his bone is exposed.

Mason and Liam go to a club. Hayden opens the door, but doesn't want to let Liam in. Mason pays her another $50 so they get in. Mason sees Brett dancing.

Malia is researching with Stiles in the library. She has a memory of the Dread Doctors killing Tracy by injecting silver metal into her neck. Stiles is asleep on a pile of books. She tells Stiles she's leaving and he should go home.

Hayden is a waitress at the club. The bartender is consuming drinks and she has to pay for them out her check. She's worried she won't make enough money. Liam overhears her.

Liam stands in the center of the club, surrounded by dancers. He hears heavy footsteps and sees a boy entering the club. He senses something is wrong.

Mrs. McCall's patient, Corey, is screaming in pain. The medication isn't elevating the pain. Scott removes the pain, but it almost overwhelms him.

Corey was stung by a scorpion, but a sting that bad should have killed him. The scorpion should also be ten feet tall. Corey tells Scott and Kira someone named Lucas stung him. 

Liam asks Brett if anyone at the club is like them. Brett doesn't know -- it's Beacon Hills after all. Liam feels something is off.

Mason notices someone staring at him. He asks Brett who it is. Brett says, "That's Lucas."  

Scott and Kira ask Corey what happened. He explains Lucas became aggressive as they were kissing and stung him. Corey tells Kira and Scott they can find Lucas at a club named Sinema. 

Scott and Kira set off an alarm as they enter the club. Kira throws a blade at the alarm and silences it. Scott is impressed and tells Kira he loves her. She's shocked.

Mason and Lucas make out. The scorpion talons appear on his arms as the kiss. Brett pulls Lucas off Mason and tells him to run.

Scott and Kira search the club. She's upset because Scott did something that changes everything, but he doesn't even realize what he did.

Brett fights Lucas. Lucas slices Brett with his scorpion talons. Liam jumps into the fight. Scott and Kira find them and join in.

Malia goes to Tracy's home and examines the drawings on her wall. She finds a book on Tracy's nightstand and a note. The notes says, "Here's the book you asked for. Cheesy stuff, but still a fun, scary read." The title of the book is called The Dread Doctors.

Lucas battles Kira. She knocks him back and then Liam slams Lucas down on the ground hard. He's knocked unconscious.

Kira suddenly ignites in flames as the kitsune. She's about to kill Lucas, but Scott stops her. She regains control when she looks at Scott. They both are stunned by her actions.

Liam and Scott are about to move Lucas' body, but the Dread Doctors shoot a metal spike through his body and kill him. Scott asks why they killed him and the Dread Doctors respond, "His condition was terminal." Lucas was another failure.

Scott and Mrs. McCall put Lucas' body away in the morgue. Scott is feeling guilty. He believes he should have known this would happen. Melissa tells Scott he has the power to help and he cares enough to do it. She asks Scott what he's going do. Scott responds, "I'm going to find out who did this and I'm going to stop them."

Parrish enters the morgue and takes Lucas' body. He carries Lucas to the Nemeton. Lucas is engulfed in flames.

Stiles' is fixing the Jeep. Donovan appears behind him. He holds up his hand. His palm is a gaping mouth with teeth. He puts his hand on Stiles' back. Stiles begins to scream in pain.



Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Kira: What are we suppose to do?
Deaton: Same thing you've always done. Protect your friends. Protect eachother.

If she [Tracy] wasn't born and she wasn't bitten. She had to have been made.