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Despite Melissa's request, the Sheriff calls in the body in her kitchen, and Kira's named and captured as the main suspect. Thankfully, Kira's dad showed up at the station to take the blame.

Meanwhile, the pack tries to find Hayden and Liam. Scott decides to try an alpha trick - sticking his claws in the back of Corey's neck. Corey had been taken by the Dread Doctors, and Scott accesses his memories. He finds out that the Dread Doctors are hiding out in the water treatment plant.

Hayden and Liam make friends in their captivity. Zach, another experiment, gives him intel on what he has seen in his time as a captive.

Scott, Malia, and Mason show up at the water treatment plant. They keep running up and down tunnels, finding nothing. Scott has an asthma attack when he believes he wil never find Liam. 

Kira finally reads the Dread Doctor book backwards, and she remembers her encounter. They took her on the 115 when she was coming back from the airport. She was injected with something into her eye and lightning struck it.

Parrish grabs the latest body, despite the manpower the Sheriff's station put around the body. He uses some violent sprinklers as a distraction. However, Stiles figures out that Parrish is the one stealing the bodies.

Theo rescues Liam and Hayden and gets to play hero. Kira decides she can't stay in Beacon Hills.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

There's no scent, no tracks, no way to find him.


We should leave here. We should leave now.