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On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 4, Mason figures out that the Ghost Riders use lightning to get around. He is able to figure out that there will be another attack tonight. Mason thinks the pack should protect and hide those who have seen the Ghost Riders, while Liam believes that the pack should go on the offensive. Scott decides to go with Mason's plan.

Chris and Malia are in charge of watching the majority of the targeted kids in the Argent bunker, while Liam and Scott try to protect Gwen and the other lacrosse players during a lacrosse game. Things do not turn out well. The Ghost Riders show up in force and take a lot of people, and Chris is seriously hurt in the process.

Meanwhile, Lydia searches for a relic, something that proves Stiles existed. The Sheriff confides in her that when he stubbed his toe on a baseball bat that morning, he yelled out Stiles' name. Lydia tries to search for clues at the Stilinski house, but Claudia kicks her out.

Natalie offers to be a sounding board for her daughter's theories about Stiles. They both go to see Melissa to look at Claudia's medical records. There's no mention of Claudia ever having kids, but her records do show that 10 years ago, Claudia was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, and Melissa is amazed that Claudia is still alive.

Liam decides that the pack needs to capture a Ghost Rider, and the newbies of the pack support him. Malia and Scott start to believe that Stiles was never real and that they need to stop searching for him when the very real threat of the Ghost Riders exists.


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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Melissa: You are probably wondering why I'm out here when I could be nestled at home reading a book. It's because I am sick of seeing people I care about wheeled past the nurses station on a gurney. All of you are out here risking your lives, and it's about time that I do something too.
Chris: In my experience when tracking homicidal supernaturals, it is best to be quiet.

You can leave me out here alone with a stun gun and a box of bandaids, or we can keep going. It's up to you.