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It's officially 24 hours. Bird calls Jane out on lying to her and she agrees not to do it again. A reporter is waiting outside the house. Tom, Ali's husband thinks they should talk to the press but Bird disagrees. Bird asks them about PJ. They deny knowing who he is. Jane tries to call PJ but his number is out of service. Bird leaves a police car on watch. Jane gets rid of everyone and then ditches the police car by sneaking out to find PJ. She directed to his boss. She heads to the boss, Sheldon's penthouse to ask about PJ. She snorts what she believes to be cocaine to prove she isn't a cop, but she finds out after that it's special K. She heads to the bathroom, takes a shower, and ends up spending the night in the bathroom. Sheldon tells her that PJ is at his film class. She finds PJ there. He tells her he saw a black SUV the night Lake disappeared parked outside the house. Ali, Bird, Tom, and Pete wonder where Jane is. John asks Pete if he recognizes PJ. Pete denies it and then tells the cops that Jane shouldn't have custody of Lake, she was probably high, and that she's probably sleeping with someone. Casey tries to sleep with Pete and help him pick a picture for fliers. She prints them out. Matt picks up that Casey and Pete are probably having an affair. Bird helps Ali with her hormone injections while asking her about Jane. Bea gets the spare key from her boyfriend. It turns out her boyfriend is an ex felon and that he would go in the house and steal things to sell. Bea also lied about having a daughter. Pete, Tom and Ali canvass the neighborhood and Pete talks about how terrible a mother is to the neighbors. He and Ali clash. Jane and Casey go to Pete's house to see if there is a scratch on his BMW like PJ described. Casey avoids talking to the cops by going to the station. She keeps putting it off. Jane breaks down and Casey comforts her. Jane arrives home and is pissed about the posters. She asks Pete what he did with Lake. Pete and Casey talk about her lying to the police for him. He tells her that he was home alone. She notices he has a key to Jane's house that belonged to Lake. Bea and her boyfriend are not main suspects because they both have alibis despite a motive of needing more money for an immigration lawyer for Bea's daughter. Amira a cop gives Commander Gomez copies of Jane's script. She is sleeping with the young lady that works with Jane and gets them from her. Ali stays over with Jane. Jane gets a video of her daughter saying hello to Jane and swinging on a swing.
Ten Days In the Valley
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Ten Days In the Valley Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

We're always leaving little bits of truth on the cutting room floor.


Detective Bird: You know, it's funny. Even in this job, it's hard not to take it personal when people lie to you.
Jane: I'm sorry I lied about the timeline. It won't happen again.