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Jane Sadler tries to meditate but isn't able to quiet her mind long enough because she's plagued by memories of her childhood and background noise. In the flashback, young Jane holds her baby sister and is perched on the stairwell listening to someone play the piano as her mother has a party. Her mother, presumably, begins making out with an unknown man.

When Jane's ex-husband drops off their daughter he asks if he can keep her another day to take her to his cabin before it's sold. They bicker and Jane refuses.

Jane tries to work while her daughter, Lake, is dancing to music. The housekeeper, Bea, leaves and Jane dances with her daughter. They play a game of "secrets" before Lake is put to bed. Lake tells Jane how much she misses her when she's with her father.

Jane promises to spend one-on-one time with Lake and take the night off from work. She takes an Ambien and she and Lake go to sleep in Jane's bed. 

Janes boss calls in the middle of the night needing her to revise a script because the scene doesn't work. She tries to get out of it, but he insists. Jane leaves the patio unlocked, heads to her shed with a glass of wine and tries to work on the script. 

When she struggles to stay awake she contacts her drug dealer via a Chinese takeout place. He doesn't have Adderall but gives her something harder. She takes it, then stashes it in a broken guitar later on.

She gets an idea for the scene from her dealer, PJ. When she finishes, she heads back to the house, but the baby monitor isn't working, the door is locked and she has to break into her own home, where she discovers that Lake is gone.

She calls her sister, Ali, who calls the police. Jane acts sketchy when Detective Bird is around. Her sister noticed her behavior. Jane lies about the timeline, tells them that her ex, Pete, probably took Lake, and heads to work.

At work, she deals with her assistant, Casey, her butts heads with a tv writer Matt, and the actress throw a tantrum. 

Jane meets up with Gus, her police informant whom she bases her stories on. He is afraid that someone will know he is snitching, and Jane already has brought down a police force before with her documentary. She assures him that they're fine.

Bird tells Jane that Pete doesn't have Lake. Pete confronts Lake, they get into it and it gets heated and physical. Pete has to be taken down, but Jane doesn't want him arrested.

It's revealed that Ali, Jane's sister is having fertility issues and trying to get pregnant with her husband.

It's also revealed that Bea the housekeeper/nanny and her husband are in need of cash and talk about one of the many keys to Jane's house floating around.

Pete and Jane's assistant, Casey, is having an affair behind Jane's back. Pete wants Casey to lie for him/be his alibi.

Jane tells Bird that she lied about the timeline. He expands it and finds footage of PJ, the dealer. Jane denies knowing who he is and the search is on for PJ.

Lake is in a bedroom somewhere with a mysterious man who reads her a bedtime story and tells her he has her on her mother's behalf.

Ten Days In the Valley
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Ten Days In the Valley Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

PJ: I'm out of Addies. Sunday night, a lot of people are on deadlines.
Jane: Really?
PJ: Is this gonna work for you?
Jane: Yeah.
PJ: Yeah, just put on your tab. Is that OK?
Jane: Totally.

Jane: Wait a minute, do you have a secret?
Lake: Sometimes when I'm gone, when I'm with Daddy, I miss you so much that I think I want to go to heaven.
Jane: I know. It's hard, right?