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Taylor interrogates Boylan to find out if he is Mira's mole in Terra Nova.  When Josh tells Jim to go check on him, Boylan tells Jim about a body at Pilgram's Tree.  When Jim makes his way out there, he finds a skeleton and brings it back to his wife.  


They find out that the skeleton belonged to Taylor's boss, General Philbrick.  It is later revealed that Taylor's son Lucas brought Philbrick through the portal because 2149 wanted him to take Taylor's place.


The Powers that Be in 2149 wanted to pillage Terra Nova for resources, and Taylor didn't want any of that.  He killed Philbrick and banished his son.  Lucas, since coming over on the second pilgrimage, has been attempting to figure out how to send things back through the portal to 2149 for the bosses back in the future.

Terra Nova
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Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You're a traitor. There's no place in Terra Nova for you. I never wanna see your face again.

Taylor (to Lucas)

Without all of you, I'd have nothing.