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Hank and Britt visit Lindus in jail this week and receive an odd offer: steal $250,000 from the man and, in exchange, they can keep $100,000 and Hank can learn the identity of the person who killed his friend, Mickey, on the season premiere.

The partners accept, and Britt is in charge of the theft. It goes smoothly, they deliver the money to Lindus' wife and keep their half, with Hank now focused on who killed his friend. Mrs. Lindus gave him the name, but the individual just turns out to be a heroine dealer, who says he doesn't know the guy who paid him to sell extra H to Mickey.

From there, Hank and Britt track down Lindus, who has been freed on bond. He's setting his wife and son up in a plane when Hank and Britt basically kidnap him. But he makes a run for it and gets hit by a car. He doesn't wanna go to a hospital because then the cops will know he tried to skip out on bail.

Therefore, Hank and Britt bring him back to the former's house. Also present there? Hank sister's, Stephanie, who has been living in Hank's attic, unbeknownst to him until now. She's off her drugs an left her mental hospital.

Lindus mumbles to the guys that there's some construction company Mickey worked for. He found out things he should not have and that company had him killed. Lindus now has documents that also implicate that company, and is connected to the operation/murder in some way. But the guy actually dies before he can say more.

This is a special problem when Mark shows up. Mrs. Linus when down to the police department and said Hank and Britt kidnapped her husband. Mark looks around and doesn't find the body, but orders Hank and Britt down to the station. They go with him, leaving Stephanie at home.

The episode ends with her finding Lindus' corpse.

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