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Viewers meet Hank and Britt on the opening episode of Terriers. They are private investigators and set about trying to find the daughter of the former's friend.

This case eventually grows much bigger than they realized initially, however, taking them to a wealthy real estate developer in town named Robert Lindus. The girl in question used to work for him and is bribing him with a sex tape - on that tape, there's also evidence that Lindus is lying about a project he claims to be bringing to the city.

Hank and Britt work to bring Lindus down after he kills Hank's friend, and we close the episode with the pair wondering if Lindus will beat the rap and seek revenge. This is what else we learn about the key character:

- Hank is a recovering alcoholic who seemed to have been forced off the job due to drinking. He's still sort of friends with his former partner, Mark. He also pines for his ex-wife and even buys their old home, only to learn she's getting remarried. He had been content just solving small crimes, but now seems reinvigorated.

- Britt is seriously dating a beauty who wants to have a child. But he offers up a dog as a compromise. Britt is especially adept at making deals and thinking on his feet.

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