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Britt and Hank tackle separate cases this week. For the former:

He learns from Maggie that Jason Adler changed his name because his family was accused years ago of molesting children in the foster home they ran. They were not convicted, and various victims gave different accounts of Jason's involvement. Hank offers Jason the chance to come clean to Gretchen prior to their wedding, which is scheduled to take place in five days. But Jason tells Hank to do what's right.

For Hank, that means taking the intel directly to Gretchen... who can't believe Hank has gone to this extreme, says Jason already told her all about it and disinvites Hank to their wedding. Ouch.

For Britt: he helps a tranny hooker solve the case of her murdered friend. They can't catch the killer because the guy killed himself months ago, but they can go to the friend's family and tell them what a great person their runaway son was. The investigation gets to Britt, who thinks he's gonna be a father because he found a pregnancy case in the trash. He goes home and proposes to Katie, who says yes...

...but viewers know there is a problem: she earlier told Hank that, yes, she is pregnant. But she can't be sure the baby is Britt's until a test comes back in three weeks.

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