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Hank and Britt search for an antique ring on this episode. They are tasked to find it by a couple, the female half of which is dying. But the case soon grow very complicated.

Our favorite PI duo does successfully find the heirloom, but they also learn secrets about their clients. For example: he fathered a wife with his mistress, and the ring is actually worth $300,000, but only she knows that. Once the woman discovers that her husband has been cheating, she aims to change her will and give the ring to their 16-year old son.

But she has to be healthy enough to do so, and Britt and Hank will hold on the antique until then. Maggie, meanwhile, is the couple's lawyer.


- Jason realizes that Hank was the one using his credit cards (because he recognized Britt as the guy who stole his wallet during him and Gretchen's engagement party) and gives Hank a nice speech about how he really is gonna marry Gretchen. But he also covers for Hank and says someone else had stolen the information.

- Soon after Britt tells Hank he plans to propose, Katie goes out with her classmates without him. She gets really drunk and sleeps with her professor! She wakes up, full of regret and sorrow and calls Hank to tell her what happened. She's an absolute mess, but Hank insists she can't tell Britt because it will kill him. She has to pretend like it never happened.

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