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Laurie comes home for Thanksgiving with her friend, Kate. Eric is initially annoyed he has to give up his room, until he sees how hot Kate is. Jackie alert Donna that she should be concerned Eric has a college girl sleeping in his bed.

That 70's Show
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That 70's Show Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

(Donna leaves after finding out that Eric kissed Laurie's friend, Kate)
Kelso: I guess Donna didn't take it very well.
Red: Take what well?
Kelso: Eric made out with Kate.
Red: Anything else?
Fez: Your son is a whore!

Jackie: Donna! Stairs are not gonna stop a high school horndog. Barbed wire will not stop a high school horndog. A wall of fire will not stop a high--
Donna: Jackie, I get it, I get it.