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A group goes out to check out the drop ship crash site. There aren't any survivors. 

Murphy returns tortured and bloodied. Bellamy wants to kill him, but Clarke believes he can tell them something about the Grounders. 

Clarke starts bleeding from her eyes. Murphy brought an illness back with him. Octavia finds out from Lincoln that there's no cure, but it isn't lethal to most. He warns her that the Grounders want to attack a weakened enemy.

Octavia warns her friends and they come up with a plan to bomb the bridge. Bellamy's sick, so Jasper has to take the shot. Raven steals the bomb and heads out on her own. She gets sick and is ready to sacrifice herself to blow up the bomb. Finn grabs her in time to save her.

Jasper takes the shot, but misses. He runs out of bullets, but Monty shows up with another rifle. As the Grounders ready to cross the bridge, Jasper hits the bomb and the bridge explodes.

Raven breaks up with Finn because he has feelings for Clarke.

14 people die from the illness. 

Murphy kills Connor in retribution over his hanging.

The 100
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The 100 Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I am become death, destroyer of worlds


Finn: Raven, I love you.
Raven: Not the way that I want to be loved. Not the way that you love Clarke. It's over Finn.