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Murphy oversees the workers building the camp and runs a tight crew.

Octavia helps Jasper get over his fear of going outside. They find cut off fingers and a knife. The belief that grounders killed Wells is wrong. The knife has JM written on it. Clarke goes after Murphy for killing Wells.

The group gangs up on him and wants him floated. Bellamy kicks the stump under him and Charlotte confesses to killing Bellamy.

Clarke and Finn hide her from the rest of the group to save her life. She leaves the shelter and when Murphy threatens Clarke, Charlotte jumps over a cliff.

On the Ark, Abby is determined to get to the ground after Clarke's wrist band was removed. She exchanges morphine for a part they need for the pod. It doesn't work, but Raven launches any way.

Monty tries to use Clarke's wrist band to communicate with the Ark, but instead he fries all the bands.

The 100
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