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The food supply gets destroyed, so people are forced to leave camp to hunt. While out Clarke and Finn get taken by Anya and the Grounders and Myles is hit with a couple arrows. Anya wants Clarke to help a young girl injured when the bridge was bombed. If the girl dies, Anya will have Finn killed.

Raven's upset that Finn went hunting with Clarke and decides to leave camp on her own. Bellamy encourages her to stay. He tells her they need her to help them survive. She comes up with an idea to make radios for communication. She goes to work on that.

Later, she shows up in Bellamy's tent. She wants to have rebound sex with him. He doesn't turn her down. When it's over, she leaves right away.

The young girl dies and Anya orders Finn to be killed, while Clarke is supposed to stay to be the Grounders' healer. She attacks the guard and kills him. She runs away, but get caught in a snare trap.

With radios, Bellamy, Raven, Jasper and Monty head out looking for Clarke and Finn. They find Myles alive. They lose communication with Monty after he sees something that surprises him.

On the Ark, 1500 residents were killed during Diana's drop ship launch. Kane survives and with Wick's help saves Jaha. Kane then finds Abby still alive. Life support is running out and the residents are in trouble.

The 100
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The 100 Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Wick: When you die, can I have your shoes?
Kane: They're much too stylish for you.

Bellamy: Did that help?
Raven: No.