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The 100 see Raven's pod fall to Earth. Bellamy demands that everyone wait until daybreak, but then heads off to find the pod himself. Clarke and Finn find out and try to stop him.

Bellamy gets to the pod first, pulls out the radio and throws it into the river. He leaves the injured Raven behind. She ends up being okay and is reunited with Finn. Their reunion is awkward since Finn slept with Clarke the night before.

Bellamy reveals that he killed Jaha and that's why he doesn't want people from the Ark to come down. Raven tells him Jaha is alive. Clarke reveals the life threatening situation on the Ark. The 100 search for the radio, but it's too damaged to signal the Ark that they are alive. Raven suggests sending rockets.

On the Ark, the council decides to kill everyone in section 17 and make it look like an accident. Jaha tells Kane he will be there. Abby doesn't agree and plays her husband's video message about the oxygen issues. Ark residents line up to volunteer to be killed. Kane convinces Jaha he's needed to keep the peace.

The people are killed and the rockets shoot up from Earth.

Octavia falls down a hill and gets injured. She wakes up to find a grounder over her.

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