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The camp prepares for an attack from the Grounders when Murphy takes Jasper hostage. Bellamy trades himself for Jasper. Raven and Jasper sneak into the drop ship to find a way to open the door. Murphy hangs Bellamy as the door opens. Murphy blows a hole in the drop ship and escapes. Bellamy is saved from near death.

Clarke was captured by Anya. The Commander wants the Rangers to attack the camp that night. Anya ordered Clarke killed. She's taken away by a Grounder and reunited with the presumed dead Finn. Lincoln saved the both. They take mine tunnels to get back to camp when they come across Reapers. Lincoln leads the Reapers away and Clarke and Finn get away after killing an attacker.

They hear Murphy's explosion and make it back to camp. Bellamy wants to hold strong and defend their camp. He says they are on the ground now and are also Grounders. Clarke and Finn arrive and she overrules Bellamy. They have to go to the ocean if they want to survive.

Raven shows up with a bullet wound from when Murphy shot through the floor.

On the Ark, they only have 51 hours left. There's no way to save the Ark or get to Earth. While watching a video of Wells and Clarke, Jaha comes up with an idea. They will drop the Ark to Earth as a last effort to survive.

The 100
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The 100 Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Finn: What do we do now?
Lincoln: Now we run!

This is for tying the noose they hung me with. Say hi to Connor for me.