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The intake process is painful and in the opening scene of The 100 Season 2 Episode 11, Bellamy is scrubbed, prodded and injected for harvesting.

Meanwhile, Jasper is getting antsy. He is visibly distressed over Monty's absence. Maya tells him he needs to keep up appearances.

Abby and Clarke are heading back to Camp Jaha but are being followed by snipers from Mount Weather, and they have Clarke in their sights. The Grounder warriors see them and take one out before warning the others. Indra sets warrior Octavia, in full grounder braids and war paint, on the second. Before she is able to follow through on Indra's kill order, Clarke has her stop so they can take the prisoner alive for questioning. A picture found on the Mountain Men alert them to the fact that Lexa and Clarke are the targets.

Jasper can't keep his cool and confronts President Wallace, calling him a liar and pulling a sword on him.  President Wallace turns the tables, admits that he has lied to protect him, and lets him live.

Back at Camp Jaha, Abby is trying to save the injured Grounder warrior and the captured Mountain Man. After the Grounder dies, Indra is upset that they are saving the prisoner's life. Clarke is apprehensive about not hearing back from Bellamy.

At Mount Weather, the Mountain Men come for a prisoner. They are going to take the female Grounder in the cage next to Bellamy, but he saves her by kicking his own cage, knowing they take fighters. He ends up unconscious and readied for harvesting. 

Maya is looking for information on Monty and finds Bellamy. She recognized him as one of the 100 and shoots him with adrenaline. He knows who she is from Clarke's descriptions. Mountain Man guard Lovejoy catches Maya in action. Unconnected from the machines, it appears that Bellamy has flat lined. A fight ensues and Maya and the female Grounder prisoner help Bellamy take out Lovejoy, who Bell ultimately strangles with his bare hands.

Harper and Monty are in a different containment area and President Wallace takes Jasper there, where he reunites with his best friend. The President is horrified by the actions of Dr. Tsing. He has her arrested and tells Monty and Jasper that they will soon be released. It seems a little too good to be true, but why argue?

Kane interrogates the Mount Weather prisoner, but there is differing opinions over how the interrogation should be handled. 

Meanwhile, Bellamy and Maya are trying to get to the dormitory to reunite with Jasper,  an ordeal in its own right since anyone recognizing Bellamy as an outsider would be very bad for business.

President Wallace has good intentions, but his son stages a coup. He has his father put in quarantine and elects himself President. 

Back at Camp Jaha, they find that the Mountain Man prisoner has genetic markers of an Arker, showing that they have begun to use Arker blood. 

As Bellamy and Maya navigate Mount Weather, they pass by the mountain's preschool. Bellamy converses with a little kid, whose dad is training for a ground unit. As he turns to walk away, Bellamy reads the name 'Lovejoy' on his backpack. Bellamy had just killed his father. While it was in self defense, there is no doubt that Bellamy feels guilt over his actions. To make matters worse, just as they reach the dorm, a lockdown occurs. 

Bellamy and Maya are able to get to the radio and reach Clarke. He informs her of the situation at Mount Weather and asks her to buy him more time. She tells him her plan to use the Grounder prisoners as an army. He is impressed by her plan and she by his tenacity.

After the conversation, Clarke is in full leader mode and comes up with a plan to set the Mountain Man prisoner free so that he tells them they are coming, diverting attention from Bellamy's actions on the inside. She approaches the gates with Indra and Octavia in tow. Coming up against her mother, she takes charge, systematically overthrowing her mother's authority as Chancellor. 


The 100
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The 100 Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Do I look desperate to you? Because I'm feeling pretty desperate.


Bellamy: I need to get out of this cage.
Grounder Prisoner: And then what?
Bellamy: And then I kill everyone in this mountain.