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Bellamy's locked up and Kane visits him to question him about the Grounder attack. Bellamy believes they are wasting time that should be used to go after the missing people. Kane says he can't go because he's untrained. Bellamy briefs him on the Grounder weapons. Kane wonders why they couldn't win since they had guns. Bellamy says they were out of bullets and Kane reveals the search team found more bullets in the bunker.

One of the new arrivals fires his gun into the forest. Kane takes the gun away and says only guards get them and declares it a felony for others to have guns. A search group heads out into the woods to look for survivors.

An alarm sounds at Mount Weather which means a surface crew returned and needs medical attention. The injured were attacked. Clarke goes into the room to help the injured. Clarke believes they are being lied to because the victim has a gun wound and not an arrow wound.

On the ark, Jaha hears a baby cry. He finds a baby. The baby is holding a chess piece. The infant gives Jaha an idea for how to get down to the ground using a ship-to ground missile. They would have to go outside to get to the missile.

The bullet is near Raven's spine. She's in pain, but could die in surgery and would have to go through it without any pain medications. She wants the bullet out. Abby agrees to do the surgery and Finn stays by Raven's side. Raven screams through the surgery and everyone hears around the camp.

A Grounder finds Octavia and makes her drink medicine. She wants to know where Lincoln is, but doesn't get a response.

The President tells Clarke that the search party was attacked by Grounders. She doesn't believe him and asks to see the body. Clarke goes to see the body. She asks about the dialysis valve. It's used if they get contaminated. Clarke is shown the arrow which supposedly killed him.

Bellamy and Murphy are held in the same room. Murphy says he was tortured for three days before he gave up any information to the Grounders.

Outside Camp Jaha, they hear screams. Kane takes a team to investigate and finds three of their men pinned into a tree with arrows. Kane didn't send a search team out again and Abby's upset about it. He won't discuss it.

Octavia feels better after the medicine. Lincoln's been caught by his clan, she asks him to help her find him. Nyko refuses to help and says she should run. Octavia uses a rock and knocks him out. She hold him hostage to get Lincoln back.

The Grounder leader arrives and refuses to turn over Lincoln. Nyko is their only healer, so Octavia has leverage. She wants an exchange and threatens to kill the healer if they disobey.

After surgery, Raven was left with nerve damage in her leg. She's out of pain and alive, but she considers herself "crippled." She tells Finn that he needs to leave and find their friends.

Clarke tells Jasper that the wound looked like an arrow wound, but she believes they could have doctored it. He doesn't understand why Clarke wants to ruin this for them. They are safe in Mount Weather and he worries that they will be kicked out if she starts trouble. Jasper tells Clarke that she's their biggest threat.

Jaha leaves the arc and travels across the way with the baby. When he arrives on the other side, the baby is missing. He freaks out, but then sees Wells. It's oxygen deprivation. Wells tells his father he's not done and the people still need him. He tells his father that he can choose to live. Jaha decides it's time to go home.

Finn shows up to break Bellamy out to go look for the survivors. Bellamy decides to free Murphy to help since he's been to the Grounder prisoner camp. They all head out and meet up with Abby to get guns.

Jaha launches the missile and he lands on Earth. He's somewhere in the desert.

Octavia's threat works. Lincoln is brought to her, though he's injured. It's a prisoner exchange of sorts. During the exchange, Reapers attack and Lincoln is captured.

Clarke sees the man who was burned walking around Mount Weather almost entirely healed. She's suspicious and re-cuts her arm in order to get admitted to Medical to investigate. She sees Langston and follows his blood line to another room. She sneaks through a vent and finds the blood source is Grounders. She finds cages of Grounders, including Anya.

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