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Ton DC has been destroyed by the Mount Weather missile attack. Clarke and Lexa evaluate the damage done from a distance, but Lexa tells Clarke she has to stay out of sight. The spotter is still on site and shooting survivors. Clarke wants to take him out, although Lexa warns that it will not help her guilt or make her feel any better. 

Octavia, Lincoln and Abby are amid the wreckage looking for survivors. They find Indra injured but alive. Although, when the shooter hits her, the situation becomes all the more dire. Abby hears a survivor inside a cave-in. It's Kane.

Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, Jasper is taking charge and the Arkers are fortifying level 5 for an attack. 

A wounded Indra tells Octavia to fight and, in her absence, to get the others to follow her. Octavia fears that they won't listen. Indra tells her to make them. 

Everything is in place at Mount Weather for Jasper's plan. He promises a frightened Fox it will all be okay. When the attack happens, they manage to take the Mountain Men by surprise and the attack is a success. But Fox is taken in the process. Jasper is upset and kills a straggling Mountain Man with an ax.

Bellamy, disguised as a guard, saves Fox. Maya takes the two of them to her home but her dad is reluctant to help. She tells them that her parents were once part of a movement that was against using outsider blood as treatment. Her mom refused treatments and died because of it.

Clarke and Lexa are trying to find the shooter. In the process, they come upon Lincoln, who tells Clarke that Octavia is safe. 

At Ton DC, Abby finds an injured Kane in a cave-in. He is trapped under a beam. Abby works to free him, but the beam is acting as a bandage for a cut artery.

Bellamy and Maya have a plan to use Lovejoy's clearance to get into the armory. Bellamy will get the guns and then get them to the 5th level using a trash shoot in the mess hall. They part ways and Cage finds Maya alone.

He puts her in a suit with only 20 minutes of oxygen and offers Jasper an ultimatum. They must surrender or Maya will die. 

Jasper won't let Maya die, but Maya won't let Jasper surrender. Monty had closed the trash shoot as a precaution, but is working to fix it so that Maya can get to another level in time. 

Abby confesses to Kane that Clarke knew about the attack. Kane isn't surprised. He asks what they should expect from someone raised on the Ark where people were killed for stealing food and medicine to survive. Abby agrees. Do they deserve to survive?

Bellamy is in the trash shoot. They manage to break into it and send Maya through just in time.

The sniper has eyes on Lexa and Clarke. Lincoln attacks him, but the shooter uses the Reaper whistle to disorient him. He holds Lincoln at knife point and Lincoln tells Clarke to take the shot and let him die. Clarke shoots, saving him but killing the sniper. 

Cage and the Mountain Men prepare to attack the Arkers on the 5th level, but when they break through their defenses the Arkers are already gone. Maya has rounded up other Mount Weather defectors and they have agreed to help protect the Arkers.

Jasper wants to go with Bellamy, but Bell tells him he has to stay off the radar since they still don't know he is on the inside. He tells Jasper to be ready for the fight that is coming. 

Lincoln sounds the alert to let the Grounders know that the sniper is dead. Sinclair and the Sky People have traveled from Camp Jaha to help, and they are able to free Kane and Abby. 

Lexa and Clarke make their presence known and Lexa sounds the battle cry. Although not in full health, Indra will not miss this fight. She accepts Lincoln back into the fold with a hug. 

Clarke tells Abby that she is going to fight for her friends at Mount Weather. Abby lets her go, but tells her to remember they are the "good guys." 

The 100
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The 100 Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Bellamy: You're a natural born revolutionary.
Maya: My mom was the revolutionary. I'm just trying to do what's right.

VIctory stands on the back of sacrifice.