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Bellamy and Jasper leave Arkadia, with Jasper looking for an adventure for the day. They end up in the woods where Jasper tells Bellamy he can't continue to dwell on his mistakes because he can't change what he did, he can just move on. He then notices the nuts that made them high in Season 1, taking some while Bellamy is unsure. 

They return back to Arkadia where a party is in full swing, and Bellamy lets go a little by dancing and drinking some of the watered down nut tea.

On the island the grounder test subject is subjected to radiation, not showing signs of symptoms until it's too late to save him. Clarke figures out that he wasn't the man that hurt Emori. Roan holds Emori back from getting the chance to escape, mentioning that she should be the one to be tested on next to figure out if they can isolate the one part in the bodyy that prevents the nightblood from working. 

Raven and Luna are the only ones who don't want to test Emori. Roan fights Luna, making her pass out so her bone marrow could be extracted peacefully. But at the last minute Clarke injects herself, thinking they will test on her. That creates another twist when Abby breaks the radiation chamber, leaving Clarke as a Nightblood. 

Kane, Jaha and Monty travel to Polis where Indra is upset about their deal with the Ice Nation. They realize that Gaia has the same tattoo as the coin that Jaha has been carrying. They think this could lead to a bunker, which will be another option at survival. They eventually figure out a way inside and the result is huge. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Jackson: He's ready
Raven: Yeah, but are we?

Bellamy: Jasper, it's not safe out there.
Jasper: What else is new?