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Clarke and Bellamy try to figure out a way to get to peace, but Octavia prevents them from doing so. Clarke suggests taking out Octavia which Bellamy isn't okay with, and that leads to them choosing to take out Kara instead. That would stop Octavia from acting on her plan with at least enough time for them to figure something out from there.

Indra joins their plan, but Octavia reveals that they weren't going to use the worms but their eggs. So Kara's death was for nothing and now Octavia doesn't trust Indra even more. Octavia arrests Clarke for the plan and Bellamy visits Octavia that night. They share a bar and that is when Bellamy reveals that he spiked it so that Octavia would go into a short coma, enough time to help them get to peace.

Abby is struggling with the pills but is almost able to figure out the cure for the prisoners. She needs Raven to help her though, which becomes a mess when Raven figures out that Abby lied to her about Charmaine threatening her. Abby shocks Raven to stop her from destroying the cure.

Raven first tells Echo not to kill Zeke and even tells him the plan. But after Abby, Raven tells Echo she changed her mind but then still lets Zeke comfort her. 

Monty struggles with the choices they have to make and wants to stay behind with Harper. Murphy strikes a deal with McCreary for Raven's sake and Emori tells him they are over. McCreary gets back to Eden where Charmaine is there. 

The 100
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