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Clarke and Madi try to fight back but then Clarke decides to hide her and get captured. She sees the different dynamics and Charmaine figures out right away that she can speak English and is protecting someone.

Charmaine convinces Clarke to talk, and she tells them everything that they missed in the last hundred years. Clarke catches her and Zeke up. Suddenly they hear that more people are on the ground, which Clarke doesn't know about.

Up in space the space group gets to the other ship and learn more about them. They see the cryo sleep and figure out that they need leverage so Raven says she will stay behind. Murphy decides to stay with her and she revealed that she lied about having a way down. Emori ends up in charge of getting them all down instead. 

They get back down and Madi saves them from being killed, she tells them what happened with Clarke and she and Bellamy go to save her. Bellamy presents Charmaine with a mug he took from space and implies that he will kill all her people up there through Raven if she does not free Clarke and agree to a deal with her. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Charmaine: 283 lives, for one. She must be pretty important to you.
Bellamy: She is.

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Bellamy. Clarke knew you would come.