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Murphy agrees to help Josephine and goes to Bellamy to try to convince him to take the deal. Bellamy is upset over Clarke and quickly figures out that Murphy isn't on his side. They fight and he refuses to help. Then Murphy and Josephine come in and bring Russell, tricking Bellamy into attacking him only for him to realize that killing them won't help.

He stands down and Murphy gets two chips as a reward. Josephine erases them earlier on with her mom, removing Kaylee and her family.

Josephine also gains enough insight to work on Abby, getting her to agree to make nightblood so that Kane could live by being uploaded into the chip.

Diyoza and Xavier team up to try to save Octavia, only to realize that the Anomaly is calling all of them for some reason.

Raven is back and after she finds out about the Primes she and Ryker go back and forth about if it is right.

Madi is lured by the Dark Commander who convinces her that Gaia isn't on her side. She is told to kill Gaia, which she refuses. But after Bellamy tells everyone and Madi that Clarke is gone, she banishes Gaia from helping her and asks the Dark Commander how to kill all of Sanctum. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

We don't need them to help us build a compound. We kill them all, and we take theirs.


Buying time, that is an interesting choice of words. I prefer time in a bottle.